DPF Particle Cleaning (SPEED2500) Machine

Çınar Dpf Particle Cleaning Machines continue to be the sought-after products in the sector and meet the users of Dpf Mac branded products at the fairs in the field. So who is this Çınar Makina;

By combining the experience and experiences that have been formed as a result of the researches that have been carried out for a very long time, they benefit from the latest technologies and design and offer you an efficient machine.

By completing the shortcomings in the sectoral area, they have taken their place in this sector by creating a new brand with their machines that they set out with the right work. They also convey that they serve in this field in order to make a difference with our customer-oriented service understanding, aesthetic and aerodynamic design with world-class documents and practical machines.

Dpf Mac Cinar Machinery Particle Cleaning Machine seems to close the giant gap in the industry, and its patented products and features are among the ones that are said to be quite good for the vehicles. Dpf Mac Çınar Makina is one of the companies that continues to work with care with its experienced and experienced staff who do this work devotedly.

Particle cleaning properties with cabin; After installing the particle or catalyst to the hood, the machine with the cabinet closes its cover and performs cleaning from the control panel with an automatic open-close system with a completely automatic control system.
All metal parts used in our cabin DPF Particle Cleaning (SPEED2500) machine are made of 304 stainless steel and other brands that have proven themselves in the sector are preferred. Therefore, quality has come to the fore. It also cleans light commercial and heavy vehicle filters
By combining our patented machine, which is designed by our company, with a special formula solvent, we clean the clogged catalytic converter or particulate filter in a very short time.

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