Çınar About Particle Cleaning Machines

Cabinet automobile group, in terms of particle cleaning machines and cleaning work in Turkey and in Europe constitutes a first feature. It is produced indexed to the cleaning product used. Complete cleaning and reaction medium of the product is possible when the liquid reaches 80 degrees heat.

The machine feature starts the process by bringing the liquid 80 degrees first. For this reason, as a company, the product was first sold, then the machine was designed and patented. Our cabin machine completely removes the particulate filter and catalyst from the open working environment and performs a visible cleaning process in a closed cabin. Process vapor released by adding a special ventilation system can be discharged from the environment.

All the metal parts used in the cabin particle machine are 304 stainless steel and the other parts are the brands that have proven themselves in the sector. Therefore, quality has come to the fore.

Other features of Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Machine;

  • Ability to bind up to 175 cm particles and catalyst
  • Clamping device up to 40-90 mm cap
  • Feature of adjusting water flow rate with automatic electric valve
  • Water flow power max.0-5 bar adjustment feature
  • Dirty waste collection tank
  • Tank and water level control system with sensor
  • Resistance Protection Sensor
  • 380 volts AC operation (Optional 220V)
  • Working with a 5-10 bar compressor

It has the feature of removing the softened dirt during the cleaning with air support.

In machines with cabinets, after attaching the particle or catalyst to the hood, it can be cleaned with an automatic open-close system from the control panel with a completely automatic control system.