Dpfmac Radiator Cleaning Machines

As Çınar Makina company, we combine our long-term research experience, benefit from the latest technologies, design and deliver efficient machines. We have taken our place in this sector by creating a new brand with our machines that we set off by completing sectoral deficiencies and doing the right works. Radiator Cleaning Machines, which we have manufactured as Çınar machinery company, is a quality device that can work in harmony with all vehicles and models. Also, Dpfmac Radiator Cleaning Machine has multiple international quality certificates. If you want to learn more about Radiator Cleaning Machines, all you have to do is visit the Dpfmac company website.

Dpfmac Radiator Cleaning Machines

Çınar Dpfmac company, which is the leader among Dpf Cleaning Machine companies, offers a quality service to its valued customers. The production of Dpfmac machines was made using the latest technology. Çınar Dpfmac machines are ergonomically designed and also environmentally friendly. Dpfmac is a diesel doctor. Take advantage of Dpfmac privileges.

For detailed information about Dpf Cleaning Machine, visit their website. In addition, you can contact the company officials through the contact numbers available on their sites. You can click on the link text created to easily access the website of Dpfmac Çınar Machine firm, which manufactures the diesel particulate filter cleaning machine.

Dpfmac SPEED XL 2500

• Heavy vehicle, automobile, light commercial, work machine are suitable for all filters.
• Attachment apparatuses up to 40-500 mm diameter
• Pressure adjustment feature separately from heavy vehicles and cars (0-12-16 bar)
• Sensor with tank and water level control system.
• Resistance and motor protection sensor
• Thanks to the stainless filter system, it is used without changing for many years.
• 380V operation
• Working with 5 to 10 bar compressor
• Being able to remove the softened pollution with air support during cleaning with high water force
• 7 inch touch easy operation menu
• Remote connection with Android system
• 15,000 W redundant water and chemical heating resistance
• Low water warning
• Use in 4 languages (Turkish, English, German and Portuguese)